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Today, more and more customers prefer to work with outsourcing companies that provide a dedicated team of specialists and regularly use this model of cooperation.

There is a certain category of projects that unites one common feature: they are projects for creating a product that will need to be supported and developed in the future. In this case, you can identify the main features of this implementation:

  1. Short releases of the product are expected to be efficient and ready for delivery and methodical gradual "build-up" of the functional;
  2. Such releases can act as good motivators for a team interested in retaining the planned deadlines;
  3. For the team allocated for such development there is no psychological need to conceal from the customer possible problems in the implementation of the product, which enables the customer to react promptly and make decisions about the need for certain enhancements to the functionality.


The company offers a range of services to develop software of any complexity according to the requirements of the customer.

As agreed with the customer, we provide services that provide an integrated approach to solving the required tasks:

  1. IT-consulting and pre-project analysis;
  2. Development of technical specifications and specifications;
  3. Analysis and design of software;
  4. Direct software development;
  5. Quality control and software testing at all stages of development;
  6. Implementation and integration of software;
  7. Maintenance of software.
Specialists of our company will ensure a high level of developed systems in accordance with the requirements of safety, performance, reliability and scalability. At each stage of development, software products undergo mandatory testing in accordance with the quality of standardization.

We thoroughly know the means of modern information technology, on which the success of our customers depends to a sufficient extent. With the help of our knowledge, we are ready to contribute to the success of your business.

We invite to cooperation all interested organizations and offer our services in the field of software development!


We can create the website that will not only look great, but meet the needs of both you and your target audience. Web site design is always the first to affect the user's impression of the site at whole. And it depends on this whether the user will be on your site. So, to reach the attention of the user, to win his interest in your resource, you need to make the website design of your company's website pleasant, convenient, memorable. Web design will create a unique picture for each site. Website design today is based on principles, alignment, balancing, contrast, accentuation and convenience of perception. Our studio adheres to in our work only these principles. Correctly designed design attracts the target audience and keeps the attention of potential customers. It is important to make the service simple and affordable, especially for such nuances as order registration and feedback. Successful web-design of the site guarantees:

  1. A significant increase in the percentage of sales;
  2. Expanding the range of customers;
  3. Active involvement of new partners.


Each work on branding is considered by us as a separate research project, which ideally should include the following stages:

  1. Formulation of strategy, mission and brand essence;
  2. Analysis of the market situation;
  3. Brand positioning;
  4. Creating a brand name (naming);
  5. The development of the main visual communicators of the brand - the logo and corporate identity;
  6. Work on the registration of a trademark;
  7. Development of brand beech;
  8. Website development;
  9. Planning and implementation of a set of measures to promote the brand on the market;
  10. Work on promotion and support of the brand (trademark) on the Internet;
  11. Development of all kinds of promotional materials to support the brand.


Simultaneously with the dynamic growth of the Internet users' audience, a lot of new websites are being created and appearing daily, increasing competition in most business sectors, topics and directions of search promotion.

Seo support of the site In the current conditions of e-commerce, it is not enough to achieve promotion of the site in the TOP, although it is not as simple as it may seem, but it is much more important to hold the positions won for a long time. But this is not only more important, but also much more difficult! Fastening "top" positions in the search engines is one of the most important tasks of the SEO complex, which includes the maintenance and support of the site.

Our offer of support and promotion is unique and beneficial for you:

  1. Constant control and work on the Internet site and its content, assistance to your specialist (advertiser, marketer) if you need to place materials (text or graphics)!
  2. Technical support of the Internet site (updating, upgrading, new modules, convenient plug-ins and components), regular backup and maintenance, monitoring the functioning of the site in the network and much more.
  3. Planning a variety of promotional activities and programs to promote (develop) your online resource and business - this is our "recipe" and the key to the success of your project!
  4. Regular updating, optimization of your site carried out by us - will help us to get "high positions in the issue" of the search engines of your resource, will provide you with new orders, contacts, links.


Creation of animation - new opportunities for self-expression and business.

Animation is an original, effective and very effective way to convey information about your company, services, products and other activities to a wide range of people. Creation of animation is a real opportunity to make advertising beautiful and unusual. Our good technical base and high professionalism opens great opportunities in the field of 2D 3D development. The range of services provided by our studio includes:

  1. Creation of 2d / 3d animation;
  2. Use of 3d media;
  3. The formation of three-dimensional graphics;
  4. Creation of an animated character;
  5. Animated infographics and other innovative products;
  6. Video pruduction.
Captured commercials are a guarantee of success, special interest of potential customers, formation of memorable images, and, as a result, successful business development.

Technology stack


Perl, PHP (Phalcon, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Yii, Symphony, FuelPHP), Golang, Python, Ruby, Node.js


AWS, GCE, Firebase


HTML 5, CSS 3 (SCSS), Bootstrap, JavaScript (ReactJS, AngularJS, ExtJS, jQuery, Backbone.js etc)


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, Aerospike


iOS, Android, Windows Phone (React Native, Ionic), Firebase


Electron (HTML, CSS, JS) - apps like Slack and Atom


Responsive web design, UI/UX, graphic design (branding, print, logo & corporate identity), redesign

Development Frameworks

We use the most effective development frameworks as Kanban, Scrum, WaterFall